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Why am I running again?

As a Duncanville School Board Trustee, I greatly appreciate my fellow board members, Superintendent, staff, students, and parents during these unprecedented times. The district, as supported by the Board, accomplished much amid the pandemic. Following are a few achievements I am most proud of:

A. The Duncanville ISD School Board was named 2021 School Board of the Year for Region 10 and one of five 2021 Texas Honor School Boards! There are 1,000+ school boards in Texas. The Board members work well together and with the Superintendent. This translates into success for students and staff. 

B. District response during pandemic was quick, student and staff focused with safety in mind. Actions were taken to: ensure students continued to receive lunches while in-person learning was suspended; provide students with access to a computer or printed learning materials; equip buses with wi-fi and park them in key areas for signal access by students; speedily develop and implement a comprehensive Covid-19 Protocol. The Board extended the school year to 180 days (from 178 days) and implemented other measures to help address learning loss.

C. Prekindergarten was expanded to full day at all 9 elementary campuses. 

D. Panther Basketball Team won State. The district has many winning performing art,  sports and other extracurricular programs.

E. The Board approved bonuses for all employees and additional funding for staff development. 

There is still much work left to do.  Therefore, I am running for reelection and want to continue to help the children and youth in my community to receive the best education possible. A good education is one of the pivotal foundations of a rewarding, contributing and great life. Each child must be equipped to live productive lives so they can take care of themselves, their families and reach back and help their communities. 

Also, I want to make sure parents have the resources and support systems they need to help their child/children be successful. Strengthening the partnership between the parents and the school district with regard to the education of their kids is very important.


Because it truly takes a village to educate and care for a child, I am proposing greater involvement by the City of Duncanville, local businesses, non-profits, community groups and others in the mentoring and support of the students in the district. It’s all about working together for the good of our students!

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